How to Catch a Grouper Fish – Grouper Fishing Methods

Many unusual names of fish surprise humans with their features and characteristics, One such name that is not so famous but still holds an important position in the fish genre is the Grouper fish.

We can never measure the depth of the sea and not even learn about all the important terminology of fishing. As the sea has so many hidden gems stored in its lap, likewise the fishing profession holds many unexpected facts which are unheard of and unseen to us.

The more you will explore this topic, the more it will surprise you. Sea, ocean, or rivers are boundless, they are a plethora of resources and several types of information, Whether you get to the bottom of the sea or float in the shallow water, they will always serve you with the best experiences.

Grouper fish is one of the new names for us, but maybe it has some significant role in the fish market globally and even commercially. Grouper are the fish that belong to the Perciformes family. Perciformes is not just a family it is a kingdom on its own which has the most number of fishes available along with its species.

Fishing of any fish whether in the sea, ocean, river, or any small canal, all are done with some specific methods which directly depend on the depth of the water, types of fish which are found, quality of water, and many other factors.

Fishing of any species can not be done the whole year, there are particular times or seasons when the fish are hunted most, same works with a single type of fish.

Weather and climate also play an important role in fishing, in the rainy season the fish will taste worse as compared to winter or summer, thus this climatic change is an important factor for the behavior and the taste of the fish.

Today in this context we will discuss the Grouper fish, the method of catching grouper fish, and the conclusion.

Catch a Grouper Fish
Catch a Grouper Fish

Grouper Fishing: Briefing

Grouper and the sea basses belong to the same family of Serranidae, which falls under the classification of the Perciformes.

Grouper fish are also classified into two subgroups small genera and large genera, Large genera have two species named Epinephelus and Mycteroperca.

  • In the small genera the species are named Anyperidon, Cronmileptes, Dermatolepis, Graciela, Saloptia, and Triso these are also named Groupers. Groupers have several species and also they have some unique identities and unique names.
  • Grouper fish are mostly big and fat in size and have a big mouth. Sometimes this Grouper fish can weigh up to 399 kgs and length of 2.43 m, although due to a large number of species, they can vary in size and length.
  • Atlantic Goliath Grouper is the most huge size of fish in this Grouper family. There are characteristics where they swallow their food or prey instead of biting them in pieces.
  • They have fewer teeth but have heavy crushing tooth plates. Due to their heavy weight, groupers are not sport fish, as they can not swim for long distances and fast swimming is totally imaginary for the grouper fish. Having such a huge size and length, still, this has never harmed any human.

All the characteristics of this Grouper fish have made it, uniquely famous in the Perciformes family, Their huge weight, size, their other qualities, have made them an extraordinary name in the fishing environment.

Even though they belong to the family of Percifroms, their characteristics differ from many other fishes of the Perciformes family, which generally behave like Predators. Thus you can consider Grouper fish less dangerous than other species.

Fishing Methods for Grouper Fish

Grouper fish and all their species are found in both tropical and subtropical water bodies all over the world. Their extensive features and qualities always force the fisherman to catch the fish on a regular basis.

The grouper fish which are usually big in size are found at the bottom of the sea or ocean, which is not a very easy task for every fisherman to reach at the end point of the sea.

But still, if you try your skills and experiences then for sure you can pick the best tools and devices for fishing the grouper fish.

Fishing Method for Grouper Fish

Let’s discuss some of the important methods and techniques of catching grouper fishes:

Fishing on the Bottom

Bottom fishing needs to be done in the areas where the depth is more or you can say the region which is located in the middle of the sea. Having a boat can be the best option to visit the middle area of the ocean or sea, and locate where you find stones, ledges, and or any other man-made structure in the depth, you need to determine the current for that drop buoy and wait for the boat to start to drift.

  • Now you can drop the anchor. It is usually believed that big grouper fish are found in the deep sea. Many types of chin bags are available in the retailer’s fishing shop.
  • You can either purchase one from there or else you can create your own. In a fine mesh bag, you can put some fish bait, whatever bait grouper likes you can put that in the mesh bag.
  • You can use some mackerel, sardines, and even some menhaden oil at the base for your chum. Also, you can take some suggestions from the retail shop about the best chum for the grouper fish.
  • You can use live bait to catch the grouper fish. The best way to attach the hook to your baitfish is to place it in a number of locations of the bait, like nostrils, dorsal, or throat. Placing the hook through the baitfish nostril is the best way of catching the bottom fish. You should use some weight to your bait so that it can sink properly in the deep or the sea, movement and the smell of the live bait will catch the attention of the grouper fish.
  • The bait you will fix at the end will try to escape from the hook, so it is better suggested to keep the main line loose so that the bait fish can freely move in the water.
  • After doing all this, now it is time to patiently wait for the grouper to get caught by your hook, sometimes it might be possible that any other will get caught at your fishing rod, when you feel a tug on your line, crank your reel hard then raise the rod.

If you find that any other fish other than grouper have caught your bait, then you cut down that portion and again put a new bait and place it in the water, Continue this process until you get your favorite grouper to be hunted.

Trolling for Grouper

It is mostly found in the cases of grouper fish that swim at the bottom of so ocean or sea, so the fisherman has the knowledge that which area will be prone areas of the grouper fish, The fisherman should locate the areas near coral reefs or underwater cliffs, where they can easily take their boat.

  • Once you start trolling the fish might get caught through snagging. Sometimes you can even search for sandy areas, where it is possible that the grouper can swim.
  • Grouper are found in the areas like Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico, South Carolina, and Florida, those are some of the famous places which are the habitats of not only Grouper fish but also they have a collection of huge varieties of other fishes.
  • During the trolling method if in any particular location, you feel the bite of the fishing, then it is understood that they are the place of fish areas, if still, you are not able to catch your favorite fish, then it is better to opt for a different location.
  • Fishing is important but fishermen should manage other things also, during the trolling or drifting method it is necessary that you maintain the speed of the boat to a normal range, so that not either the boat starts to run at high speed, or it should match the speed of the fish which need to be hunted.
  • Even the high speed of the boat can cause the lure or bait to be dislodged from your line. Thus it is necessary that you maintain the speed so that both the bait and the fish maintain their speed.
  • Now it’s time to put the bait in the water, weight should be used on the rod so that it gets properly sunk into the water.
  • The line should be properly straightened, it should not get tangled in anything, and obviously, the use of bait or lure is the best choice, Properly check your line so that it does not get dislodged from the rod.
  • Once the fish starts to bite your bait, you will feel it and start to reel in the line as much as possible. The tip of the rod will automatically bend when the fish gets hooked to your bait.

If the hook has already caught a fish, then the speed of the boat will pull out the fish from the depth of the ocean.

Choosing the Right Equipment

You need to choose a conventional rod so that you can fix the line on the top of the rod and not below the rod. This type of rod can be best to bear more cranking even if they do not break with heavy pressure.

  • This type of rod can be the best for carrying a main line of 50 to 100 pounds.
  • If you have chosen a powerful rod now it is time to choose a reel that also can bear a heavy weight fish like grouper which can weigh up to more than 300 lbs, the cranking power will not affect the rod but also the reel, which needs to hold the big size fish.
  • If you have chosen any weak reel then it is for sure that it will break in between without even catching any fish. The reel with a low gear ratio is the best for fishing big-size fish.
  • Using the braided line, which has high breaking strength and is highly tensile in nature. If a wire is having less stress then you will easily feel the bite of the fish.
  • Monofilament is not a good option for catching heavy fishes like grouper. Using fluorocarbon can be suitable for fishing grouper.
  • Choosing the bait or lure can also be challenging, which means if you want to fish any particular species then it is mandatory to choose the bait of their choice.
  • For fishing grouper, it is suggested to use Grunts, pinfish, blue runner, squirrelfish, and white mullet, which has always proved to be the best option for fishing grouper.

These above methods of fishing Grouper are the best ways of catching them. Groupers as you know are usually the big-size fishes that are mostly found in the bottom of the sea or ocean, where bottom fishing is the best option, while other options like trolling and drifting are also good but bottom fishing acquires an important position.

Grouper Fishing Guide – Conclusion

By getting to explore about different fishes and fishing techniques, we can now simply make the conclusion and the judgment that, all the fish and their fishing techniques are slightly different from each other. But the major role is played by the fishing rod which is the most essential tool for any kind of fishing all over the globe.

Grouper are heavy-weight fishes, which are usually found in the depths of the sea, Due to their heavy weight and huge size they are not considered to be good sports fish. They are even very slow-moving fishes and are lazy, although they belong to the family of predators still their nature is totally different from the predator genes. Groupers and all its specifications have forced people to hunt them and due to this reason, they are one of the best fishes of the Perciformes family.

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