How to Catch Flounder from Shore – Flounder Fishing Explained

Flounder fishes you have seen many times but due to the uncommon name you might get confused, they have a weird structure in fish but still have an important position in the fish kingdom.

Fishing always needs some great efficiency and practice to be done.

Anglers worldwide are trying to deliver their best performances then they are doing their job.

Flounder fish are the flatfish kind of species that are never found in shallow water regions, if you want to hunt them or catch them you have to dive to the depth or the bottom level of the water to catch them.

Anglers who want the flounder in their bucket should be good swimmers so that without any hesitation they can travel to the depths of the sea.

How to Catch Flounder from Shore

About Flounder Fish

Flounder is a specific name given to the Flatfish species available in the world. The weird size of the flounder fish looks like a floating lotus leaf and is very attractive, you might have seen stingray fishes.

In general, their structure is almost the same as flounder fishes. Flounder fishes are mostly found in the depths of the sea, and ocean.

The bottom of the sea or ocean are their favorite places where they can swim easily without any hurdle or barrier. Flounders sometimes also choose estuaries as their new location.

Flowers have a mild taste and are healthy saltwater fish, they taste similar to tilapia and have a rich content of vitamin B12. You can even find some level of omega 3 vitamins also present in the flounder.

People who are fond of eating tilapia can try Flounder instead as both the fishes taste the same kind.

This simplifies that flounders do not just have good sorted taste, but even they have some rich resources content in their body which are beneficial for medicinal purposes.

Flounder Fishing Methods – Catch Flounder from Shore

Flounder are fishes who love to stay at the bottom of the ocean or sea, and even love to stay in estuaries, one of the famous names of the estuaries where flounder stay is the Atlantic coast.

Whether you are talking about the flounder or any other fish, fishing and hunting them becomes easy when you serve them with their favorite food or say lure.

The same thing happens in the case of flounder, if you want to trick them you have to serve them with their favorite meal.

Let’s discuss some easy steps to catch the flounder fish:

Flounder Fishing Methods

Finding The Flounder

Flounders have chosen the bottom of the ocean, streams that are near to the sea, and the Atlantic coast, these are the famous places where they used to migrate during the time of fall.

These are also found in abundance in the southeastern states and the northeastern coastal areas, some of the famous cities are Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina.

The listed places are the names where these fishes are found in abundance. The problem is fishing here, they do have some rules and regulations. They put restrictions on the size and quantity of the fish, in case if you have any license with you then that will be a better option.

Fishing Flounder During The Migrate

During the season of fall from September to November, flounder migrate from the original place for spawning, this time They are the largest in size, and migrate toward the ocean.

This time can be considered to be the best time for catching them, try to see the average-size flounder which is easy to carry and keep.

And also get suggestions from locals about fishing in the fall time. They can guide you better.

Try to Find Them at The Bottom

Flounders used to lie on their side at the bottom of the river or any coastal areas where they used to reside. “Doormat” is one of the famous flounder fish, which live in the lower ground.

These fishes are generally gray-brownish in color having some lighter spot, which matches with the sandy coloured of the ocean bottom.

Both eyes are present on the upper, so that everything is visible to them what is happening around them.

Flounder Under The Ledges

Flounder fishes love to hide under the ledges or any dropoff, they choose this place just to ambush the other fishes which are passing through.

While you are fishing for flounder you should notice the flow of current, if it is from shallow to deeper water, then it is a hint that flounder is near you.

If you want to search for ledges and drop-offs then wading can be the suitable process, after that only cast your line.

Flounder Footstep

These fishes used to reside in the bottom areas, in the sandy places they leave tracks in their way when they move.

If you are aware of the telltale tracks of flounder then, you can follow their path and catch them. This path can be visible if the tide is low, only then you can see that.

Choosing Bait and Tackle

Using live bait is always profitable while fishing, flounder can be hunted with the help of minnow, mullets, and croakers.

Sometimes you can also use fresh squid and live shrimp to trick them. Hot dogs are also an option that flounders love to eat. Flounder becomes very choosy.

They do not like the things that they consume daily, so you can try to feed them with different varieties.

Flounder Fishing: Conclusion

Flounders’ fishes have the most unique structures and same way they have different hiding techniques.

Their active nature and free-to-flow nature may be very interesting things for the anglers to watch and catch them.

These fishes are generally found at the bottom of the ocean, river, or any other estuaries.

Flounders are not that easy to catch, you have to trick them with varieties of bait, and only then will get attracted to your bait, other features also attract the fisherman to catch them regularly.

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