How to Fish Without Fishing Tools: Catch a Fish Without Tools

Practice makes the man perfect, this phrase has proved to be one hundred per cent correct. Anything that you are doing or learning needs your complete dedication and patience, only then you may achieve mastery in that field.

The same phrase works with fishing also, if you have learned the fishing skills and use them on every device, then no one can defeat you.

Fishing has gained the limelight and much attention from all over the world, as fishing, is the sole process through which you get your favourite seafood dishes on your table, and other exporters who are making other important things with the help of fishes they are also getting the sources through the initiative of fisherman and the fishing.

But have you ever imagined, that all these latest tools which are designed particularly for fishing will not be available and fishermen have to do fishing without the usage of any fishing tools, how will they complete this process?

Well, every problem has a solution that we all know, the same way any hurdle has different alternatives available, the only thing is you have to use your skill and knowledge to accomplish that. Then only fishing will be possible without fishing tools, and whatever you want.

Today we will discuss fishing but the challenge we have is to examine the other techniques or say alternatives that can be implemented to catch fish without using any fishing tools and we will also discuss the conclusion.

How to Fish Without Fishing Tools

Fishing Tools: Widely Used

Before we discuss the fishing process without any tools, let’s discuss some of the major and famous tools that are the most important part of catching and hunting fish.

Let’s discuss some of the prominent tools, we have seen that in movies, books, or any story, the fishing is usually done with the help of either using the knitting net or else using an angling rod, these devices are the most important tools for this process.

Fishing is not a new thing that has been introduced in the system, it has had its essence for a very long time, or say many decades. This was the natural phenomenon in which early man or say our ancestors used to catch fish with the help of a rod or any net.

At that time invention was not in existence, and people used to survive with all things that were available to them, they were far away from modernization and technologies, that’s why they never implemented any discoveries, but still, they used to hunt animals, fishes, and other resources easily.

If we focus on the history of fishing, then we will find the usage of rods and nets is more frequent than comparatively any other tools and devices. But as time goes people started using their knowledge, and brain to make things easier and soon they developed several new inventions in the field of fishing.

But today we will discuss how the fishing will take place in case of the non-availability of fishing tools. Well, that will be more interesting to explore any such thing which is new to us.

Fishing Without Tools: Briefing

To date, we have tried fishing with the help of available tools and it was very interesting also, as it has helped the fisherman to make their work easy and other people have learned the method and technique.

But now if suddenly you plan to go fishing without any tools of fishing then firstly we will deny that, as it will not be possible but if we have proper knowledge, a good location, and also we have already decided where we will do fishing and what fish we will pick out, then it becomes easier for us to think about any alternate method and also it gives us clearly to apply our skills.

Fishing Without tools

Different methods can be used, let’s discuss some of the major applied processes:

Method 1: Fishing Without a Fishing Rod

A fishing rod has always been the major tool for fishing, but instead of that, you can use a hand line.

For this, you can use a normal thread or you can also use any fibre cable, and at the end of the line, you can place a hook, such as paper clips, safety pins, needles, or anything available to you.

Now you use any kind of weight at the end so that the line can sink properly.

  • Use of bait or lure: This natural bait or lure is the best way to trick the fish, this depends on the size of fish you want to catch, small fishes will enjoy having worms, insects, and minnows to eat, so the use of this option will be the best thing. Sometimes the use of shiny metal, scented perfume, or any colourful cloth can also attract fish. These above-mentioned baits are usually demanded for catching small-size fish like bass, trout, walleye, and many more.
  • Drop the line into the water: You can stand at the shore and throw the line far in the water so that it does not get tangled and easily sink into the water. Now you have to wait patiently at the shore for the fish to come and bite the bait, Once you notice the movement in the bait or any movement in the water, then you can easily pull the hand line towards you, and repeat this process until you get your favourite fish.

Sometimes you can even sit on the boat and then you can make the hand line sink in the water, This will help you to cover a large area of water and even you would be able to match the speed of the fish. Wearing hand gloves is suggested, to avoid any kind of cut or injury which might occur due to the use of the hand line.

Method 2: Make a Trap Out of a Plastics Bottle

  • Plastic bottles of big size can cut the upper portion, which is cone-shaped. These bottles are used to catch fish of small size which can easily get through the mouth of the bottle.
  • Make two holes in the bottle on the same side of the bottle with a tap in between, Now you can use thread to make a string through the holes of the bottles and tie it off. Now you can either dip it inside the water or else you can tie the string so that the bottle does not float away. You can use this in shallow water so that it does not sink deep.
  • Now you fix the cone-shaped part upside down in the same bottle and use some glue or tap to fix that, the mouth of the bottle will be now inside. Inside the bottle place some bait and some stone so that it will sink properly.
  • Place the bottle flat on the shallow water, After placing the bottle, you can wait for some time and keep watching whether you have caught the fish or not.

It is even better if you place more such bottles in the shallow water so that the chances of fish catching will be higher.

Method 3: Spearing Fish

  • Spearing rods are available in your nearby retail store, or you can also use the green willow wood you want to carve a spear, try to find a strong and straight branch that should have 2-3 prongs at the top, and you can carve it more specifically so that you can snag a fish easily. If you purchase the professional speargun you will get a bow with fishing arrows.
  • Spearing rods are usually used to catch big fish. Spearing should be used in shallow water, so that you can easily spot the fishes and target them with the help of spear guns, at night also you can use either a flashlight or headlamp to spot the fishes and hunt them, thus it is always suggested to fish in the shallow water if you are using a speargun.
  • The perfect place where you can search for the fish is below the head portion, where it connects with the body and kills immediately. This kind of hunting needs patience and more practice so that you can perfectly aim at the target position.
  • Sometimes due to refraction, you might get deceived by the exact location of the fish. You should stand in an area where your reflection does not cast in the water, otherwise fish will get scared.

Method 4: Building a Net in the Gap Trap

  • This method is done with the help of creating a net between two gaps, either the gaps in between ponds, lakes, streams, etc. You might also find a gap, where the river meets the ocean. Any narrow gap you would be able to fill with the help of this method. This method is also called weir fishing, it is one of the oldest methods of catching fish, where the fish are caught in a fixed net and directed to the same place.
  • You need to create a wall on each side of the gap so that the V-shaped structure is formed and facing upstream. Now this will be the only path remaining for the fish to go through. Rocks can be the best option to place the sticks on both sides, trying to reduce the gap between the two sticks, so that fish do not find any space to escape from it.
  • Now it’s time to place the net between the two gaps and put some weight in the net so that it flows in the downstream direction. The use of a hard rim in the mouth of the net will be the perfect solution so that fish can easily enter.
  • You can use any cloth material, blankets, or any fabric for the net purpose. Sometimes you can use stones and throw them in the water to scare the fish so that the fish will move in the direction of the net, Repeat this process until you catch the fish in your net.


Today we have discussed various methods of fishing without the use of any tool or device. Fishing is not a new thing about which we have never heard and neither is it a kind of rocket science that needs our education to the highest level.

It is simply the method of catching it, hunting fish for food, or any other recreational or commercial purpose. Today we have made ourselves so reliant on others and resources that we do not want to take a single step without any help or support.

The same thing goes with every kind of platform or profession, we’re dependent on materialistic things so badly that we have forgotten to use our skills, logic, and experiences. The not Another thing has happened with fishing also. We are so fascinated with new techniques and methods, that we have forgotten to use our skills and Ability.

Fishing without fishing tools is not a very difficult task, If we think logically and try to use our available tools, then it is possible to do fishing and you can even achieve something better than that.

Households are filled with many essential kits and small other devices that can help you to easily do fishing.

Angling roads, you know, is the chief instrument to perform fishing, you can use similar-looking tools or say available things in the household to carry that. The use of a strong thread instead of the main line can be effective, the same way you can adjust any hook at the end to make the complete tool.

Now if you want to use any bait or lure, you are free to do that and cut fish or leeches whatever you want you can add it, this type of hand line can be used to catch fish in the deep water, you can simply find the location where most of the fishes are found, and you can now sink the hand line in the water and catch the fish you want. Thus you can enjoy both fishing and nature.

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